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Free No Brainer Offer:

“Enjoy a Free Roof Inspection, Free Thermal Drone Analysis and Free Digital Analysis Today by our highly trained, Fort Worth roofing experts.”

Most property owners are unable to recognize any issues with their Fort Worth roofing systems until it’s too late. So, Compass Roofing provides a “no brainer” offering free roof inspection, free thermal drone analysis, and free digital analysis by Fort Worth roofing experts. This is a service worth hundreds of dollars in value, totally on us, with no obligation. This means we can let you know if there is any damage to your roof and if so, present to you an electronic report on how much damage is on the roof and our recommendation for moving forward.

Drones haven’t been around for very long. So, if there’s any time new technology that you can use to your advantage, you should really consider using it. That is exactly why Compass Roofing offers free drone inspections for all our commercial Fort Worth roofing customers.

An Inspection with a drone with a thermal camera gives you some awesome advantages:

• We can detect roof leaks with the infrared camera.
• We can inspect the roof without climbing on it.
• We can record the inspection electronically and send a roof analysis to the building


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“Rest Easy We’ve Got You Covered”

Why is it important do have a Thermal Drone Inspection on your roof?

Reason #1: Non-evasive way to have our Fort Worth roofing professionals observe the condition of the roof and detect leaks more efficiently.

Reason #2: Having a detailed report with high quality photos to reduce costly “guess and check” methods.

Reason #3: It’s low risk, because it’s FREE!!! Free is everyone’s favorite word. You have nothing to lose.

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