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Do you own a commercial property and you need a trusted Dallas commercial roofing expert to do an inspection? Are you looking for a company who’s got decades of combined experience in the field and has put on roofs just about everyone in Dallas commercial roofing? Do you also want the process to be as quick and affordable for you as possible? Well that’s why you’ve got to work with our company at Compass Roofing. We’ve been looking at some cutting edge ways to provide a fabulous service for our clientele and that’s why providing free thermal infrared scans is so powerful. Many of our commercial property owners and other customers have utilized this feature and it’s helped them tremendously. So in order to receive a quick and easy process with a Dallas commercial roofing company, give out team a call today at (817) 349-3129.

Why Thermal Infrared Scanning Matters

Fort Worth Roofing Thermal Roofing

There’s plenty of perks and benefits to utilizing our free thermal infrared scanning inspection. Thermal infrared scanning involves a bird’s eye view of your roof. Typically done with a drone or a plane, these shots tell us quite a bit about what needs to happen with our Dallas commercial roofing work. The main purpose is to simply discover the amount of moisture that’s been accumulated on your flat roof. While roofers can certainly do what they’ve traditionally done to discover moisture and leaks in your roof, thermal infrared scanning can provide these answers at a fraction of the traditional cost.

For one thing, it’s faster than the traditional methods for determining the amount of leaks and moisture exist in your roofing system. That’s because it’s less destructive and doesn’t require us to break apart your roof. Our team is able to view the subsurface insulation with your roofing system that often disguises the actual location of the leaks. It requires less manpower and forceful effort to get to the bottom of your roofing problems. While discovering where leaks are in a Dallas commercial roof is frequently a tough endeavor, with thermal infrared scanning, this becomes much easier to narrow the location of the source of the leak.

Utilizing thermal infrared scanning helps to alleviate potentially hidden issues with your roof. Rusting and rotten surfaces of your roof can stay hidden and compromise the structural integrity of your roofing system. This issue also poses a safety issue with the workers in the facility. The moisture build up and leaking surface areas can damage the electrical, mechanical and heating and cooling areas of your property. This would damage other crucial areas of your property that have nothing to do with your roof!

If this isn’t enough validation, typical Dallas commercial roofing manufacturers will strongly recommend that commercial properties conduct a thermal infrared scanning on an annual basis. In order to do this, there’s just a few requirements that make for an effective thermal infrared scanning.

  1. We must have a clean and dry roofing surface. It’s difficult to detect moisture issues hidden in the surface of the roofing system if there’s fresh water on the roof. We also need a clean surface to provide as clear a thermal infrared scan as possible. We’ll often clean off the roof prior to an inspection to get this.
  2. Little to no wind helps. Since we use a drone to fly over your roofing system to conduct this thermal infrared scan, it’s helpful to have low to no wind during the inspection.
  3. Either sunny skies or clear nights will do. If we do these inspections on overcast days, the results won’t be as successful or clear with the thermal infrared scans.
  4. The most ideal roofs for thermal infrared scanning are flat or low-sloped roofs.

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Why Compass Roofing is the Company to Use


While you could choose quite a few Dallas commercial roofing companies to work on your next big project, why should you choose to work with Compass Roofing? Well for one thing, we provide our thermal infrared scans totally free! That’s right, if you are in need of a major roof replacement or roof repair, then get your in-depth assessment on your roofing system totally free with Compass Roofing. This involves several hours of execution, study and reporting to provide you with this analysis of your roofing system. So in order to receive this inspection, just give us a call today at (817) 349-3129.

By working with Compass Roofing, you’re also receiving service from masters of the roofing trade. Our team has a combined experience of several decades underneath our belt. So if you’re looking to trust any Dallas commercial roofing professional, then we’ll be the right guys to use. That’s not just because we like to toot our own horn, but it’s because we’ve seen how many fans online have bragged about working with Compass Roofing. We literally have over 200, 5-star reviews about our work. If you check us out on Google, on Facebook or on other review website, you’ll see these same results.

We’re also quite fastidious about keeping our work on-budget, all the time. We know how frustrating it can be for a contractor to confidently tell you a price at the beginning and then inform you about dramatically higher prices for the work. This is why we are committed to providing you with on-budget work, all the time. On top of that, we’re also very quick with our entire process. Not only do we work effectively with the construction of our roofs, but we also are very clear and frequent with our communication. We never want to leave you hanging or doubting whether you’ll be successful with our work.

It’s about time you work with the professionals who are confident about their Dallas commercial roofing work. Give a call today to Compass Roofing at (817) 349-3129 or fill out a form on our website to receive free thermal infrared scanning.


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