A roofing issue has to be repaired as quickly as possible. Some roofers in Granbury, TX, may feel it is more important to make emergency repairs rather than long-term repairs. Read on to learn the main differences which will help you make the best choice for your own project.

Long-Term Repairs

This type of repair uses high quality, durable materials. These materials are designed and installed to last for the life of the roof. Long-term repairs in Granbury are the best choice when:

  • Your roofer has the materials needed to complete the project.
  • There are no weather elements stopping your roofer from completing the project.
  • The roofing material is compatible with the repair materials.
  • You have the money for the initial cost of the work.

It may seem like a long-term solution is always the best, but the truth is there are times when this option may not be the right choice.

Emergency Repairs

An emergency repair, as the name suggests, is a quick repair made to stop a problem from growing. A Granbury TX roofing emergency repair could include fixing a minor leak, loose shingles and small holes. This may be the best choice when:

  • Your roofer’s schedule is too full to properly complete a long-term solution.
  • The materials your roofer has are not compatible with your roofing materials.
  • The weather is too bad for a major project.
  • You want to keep the initial costs of the project low.

It is important to note that an emergency repair is not designed to last a long time. Talk with your roofer to find out when you will need to partake in a long-term project.

Understand the Difference

Some roofers may try to pass of their emergency work as something designed for the long term. It is important you understand the difference between these two types of repairs. Work with trusted roofers in Granbury, TX, to ensure you get the repair that best suits your needs.

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