As a homeowner, you may have to learn a few things as you go. For example, when you first start taking care of your lawn, you may not know the difference between crabgrass and St. Augustinegrass. This lack of knowledge isn’t detrimental to your lawn-keeping skills, but you might be better equipped with more information. Similarly, when you take on a roofing project, you do not necessarily need to know every roofing jargon out there. However, knowing some roofing terms might make your new roofing in Dallas, TX, easier to manage.

Roofing Components

You should know the names of some roofing components, so you understand what your Dallas roofers are saying about your home protection. 

  • Drip Edge: Typically a durable metal material, this strip is designed to cause water to fall off of the roof away from siding, eaves, decks and other underlying entities.
  • Flashing: Designed to create water-tight edges around pipes, chimneys and other protrusions, flashing is usually made from a durable, galvanized metal.
  • Ridge: A ridge is where two sloping surfaces of a roof meet and typically has to have a ridge cap and ridge vents to complete the water-tight aspects of your roof.
  • Sheathing: Also referred to as the roof deck, this surface supports the rest of the roofing materials and is often made from plywood or oriented strand board.
  • Underlayment: Sometimes referred to as tar paper, this layer goes on top of the sheathing to add extra protection from the elements.

These are just a few roofing components you may hear about during your roof removal and replacement in Dallas.

Work With Professionals

It can be hard to learn what you need to about roofing in Dallas, TX, before your project gets started. Working with a trusted professional allows you to learn as you go. He or she will be able to give you the information you need to choose the right materials and best roofing components even if you don’t know the difference between soffit and fascia.

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