Before you hire roofing contractors near Granbury, Texas, it may be beneficial to learn a bit about the company’s background. Does the contractor have certifications, licenses and insurance? Compass Roofing is a Haag Certified Inspector, but what does that mean?

Residential Certification

Haag offers a few different types of certifications, including commercial, residential and wind damage. Compass Roofing has received the Haag residential certification. This certification program gives the professionals more experience with safety, important codes, wind and hail damage, and calculating the roofing area during an inspection.

What makes this certification even more useful is the variety. Contractors learn about regular roof maintenance tips for a wide range of roof types. This includes wood shakes, concrete tiles, composition, fiber cement, metal roofing, slate, and clay tiles.

Furthermore, the program incorporates real case studies to better demonstrate what damage may look like. With this comprehensive understanding of repair costs and common damages to major roof types, a Haag Certified Inspector is a great ally to have, especially after a storm.


Not every roofer is eligible to become certified. The person seeking the certification has to have been a primary inspector on at least 100 residential roof inspections. This means that before the classes are even started, the person has a thorough understanding of damage that can be done by storms.

Length of Certification

The learning doesn’t stop, even after the contractor has earned his or her initial Haag certification. The certified inspector can renew his or her certification annually without retaking the class for the first four years. However, once five years have passed, the contractor must retake the class.

Finding High-Quality Contractors

If you want to find a high-quality contractor for your roof removal and replacement, it is imperative you do some research first. You need to find a qualified roofer who knows what they’re doing. Having certifications, awards and licenses may be a sign of qualification, but you should still do some additional research. For all of your home improvement needs, hire a Haag certified contractor like Compass Roofing by calling (817) 349-3129 or filling out an online form for a free estimate.

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