When a storm hits your home, it can be hard to know what to do next. You likely have a lot of questions racing through your head when you need storm damage repair in Fort Worth, TX. You can’t always be prepared, but you can get some of your questions answered by professionals. Here are some commonly asked questions regarding roof repairs after storms.

Question: What Should I Do if I Think My Roof Has Been Damaged by a Storm?

Answer: Many homeowners call their insurance company after their home has been damaged by a storm, but this is not necessarily the best thing to do. Instead, you should call your local roofing expert. This person will be able to inspect your roof and record any damages that were done. This step can help speed up the insurance claim process.

Question: If My Home Is New, Will My Home Builder’s Warranty Cover the Cost of the Repairs?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. Most warranties of this kind only cover issues with workmanship or materials, not with storm damage. This means your Fort Worth wind damage either has to be repaired out of pocket or through an insurance claim.

Question: Why Should I Get My Home Inspected After a Storm?

Answer: You can get peace of mind if insurance claim experts in Fort Worth inspect your home after a storm. Some insurance companies give you a short window to file a claim. If you get an inspection after a storm, you will definitely find issues that were caused while your insurance company will still help you make repairs. If you notice your neighbors are all getting roof repairs done after a storm, it is a clear sign you should at least have your home inspected.

Question: Should I Work With a Contractor Who Knocked on my Door After a Storm?

Answer: Some door-to-door contractors are what people call storm chasers. When a storm passes through, these contractors will too. Their work is not always of the same quality as those of local companies. Before you work with any contractor for storm damage repair in Fort Worth, TX, make sure to do some preliminary research.

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