DFW Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Customized Preventative Maintenance Plans for Commercial Roofing Systems

Compass Roofing can customize a preventative maintenance program designed to protect your building facility with consideration of your budget and needs. This customized maintenance program may include all or some of the following options:

  • Complete and comprehensive roof evaluation
  • Debris removal
  • Clearing drains of leaves and debris
  • Caulking terminations and pipe seals as needed
  • Additional minor miscellaneous repairs
  • Documenting roof defects and potential water-entry locations
  • Cost-effective repair or replacement options
  • Written report provided to the building owner with photos

Roof maintenance programs will often eliminate a costly emergency repairs by detecting the roof defects and repairing the problem before the leak even occurs. All commercial and industrial roof systems should be protected with a regular yearly or bi yearly maintenance programs.

Did you know, that all common manufacturer warranties require regular maintenance to be performed?

Even if the roof has been recently replaced, it needs to be properly maintained to maximize its service life. If a roof is severely neglected it could in some cases void the entire system warranty.

Flat Roof Inspection and Evaluation

Flat roofs are subject to seasonal damage and stresses, having your commercial roof inspected on an annual basis is a great method for maintaining a weather tight, energy efficient roof. Our industrial and commercial roof maintenance services include general cleaning and debris removal, cleaning drains and gutter systems, inspecting edge metal and flashing components, and repairing damaged areas, such as holes, rips, and split or separated roofing material components. Our free on-site flat roof service quote includes a detailed inspection of your roofing system. We will check for any potential issues or damaged areas, and bring the problems to your attention.

Inspections from Compass Roofing include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking if the protective coatings are properly adhered to the substrate.
  • Looking at the roof coating surface for ruptures, cuts or holes.
  • Looking for signs of abrasion or wear, especially in areas with high foot traffic.
  • Checking for signs of leakage.
  • Providing a written report to the customer with photos.

Roof Maintenance Program Features:

  • An initial assessment will be performed of your existing roof and its history. Information that is gathered by a thorough examination of the roof as well as all information that you can provide regarding its maintenance and repair are used to create a maintenance and repair program that is based upon the exact condition of your specific roof as well as your goals in extending its useful life.
  • Scheduled cleaning of the roofing system which includes the removal of accumulated seasonal and vegetation debris from the field of the roof, around the drains, and around all roof-top units and vents. Keeping your roof system draining freely is one of the single most important items in extending its service life.
  • Compass then provides the business owner with detail report on the findings and any new issues that may have occurred. We report on any damages repaired and address any larger roofing issues to discuss with the building owner. We also provide before and after photos to ensure the work and the repairs were completed..

Compass Roofing suggest having your roof inspected regularly to ensure any major issues do not arise. Not only having your roof inspected yearly, you should also have it inspected for damage every time your roofing system is exposed to severe weather conditions like hail, heavy rain and strong winds, or after having work done on your roof like HVAC repair/maintenance. The starting point of a roof inspection should actually be the interior of a building. The interior walls and ceilings should be examined for any signs of water staining which would indicate a problem above on the roof.

Who befits from regular maintenance programs?

The roof maintenance program is designed and customized for facility managers, property owners, and management companies that want control over their roofing expenditures, want to optimize the life of their current roofs.

What is the cost involved with having a maintenance program?

Typically, the yearly fee for a semi-annual program is between 1-3% of replacement cost; this is industry standard. Our maintenance program is based off a proprietary pricing model with additional accommodations within the formula that allow us to provide incredibly competitive rates to our customers.

Regular preventive maintenance can prevent small, easily handled problems from becoming disruptive, big-budget nightmares. Proper repairs to a roof system can prolong the roof’s service life and enhance the value of the original investment made in it. Maintenance issues are attracting more attention these days from the roofing industry as a whole. Compass Roofing has set up roof maintenance and/or roof management programs to handle these concerns in an ongoing, professional way, freeing facility managers to concentrate on other areas. Regular inspections of the roof system should be made in both the fall and the spring; special inspections should also be made when extraordinary events occur, such as extreme storms or the installation of new rooftop equipment.

Keeping your commercial and industrial roofing systems clean of debris is vital to keeping your business going. There are no businesses owners that wants to shut down their facility because of a leaky, damaged, sagging, or potentially dangerous roof. To avoid these disastrous problems, have your commercial roof routinely maintained, cleaned, and repaired by Compass Roofing; we want to be your roofing company for life.


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