DECRA® Roofing Systems, a trusted manufacturer of stone coated steel roofing systems, has been making roofing products for over 50 years. If you’re considering new roofing in the McKinney, Texas area, read on to learn more about DECRA products and how they can benefit your home.

DECRA® Panel

When you do an entire roof removal and replacement, new roofing materials are a necessity. The unique, interlocking paneling from DECRA® is made up of numerous layers designed to be protective, durable and functional. The layers typically used in a DECRA® panel include:

  • Acrylic Priming: The priming layer is used to create an adhesive quality to the steel core. This coating, which is put on both sides of the panel, is usually applied after an aluminum-zinc coating.
  • Aluminum-Zinc Alloy: This protective layer is added to the steel panels to give the material corrosion resistance and extra strength.
  • Basecoat: This layer has a dual role of protecting the under layers from sunlight and water while also adding an adhesive quality for the stone granules. The coating is made in two different colors.
  • Overglaze: This final coating gives a glossy appearance to the panels while also adding extra resistance to weathering and physical damage.
  • Steel: The heart of the panels is the structural grade steel that is used because of the physical strength and design flexibility.
  • Stone Granules: The stone granules help create an additional watertight barrier while also enhancing the visual appeal of the product.


The products manufactured by DECRA® offer four different profiles. You can get roofing that resembles a shake, an asphalt shingle, a clay tile or a villa tile. The various profile designs enable homeowners with more options for complementing and customizing the rest of their house. Each different design also comes in a variety of colors. With a high quality roofing material like the DECRA® panels, you may need less intense regular roof maintenance to keep your roof in working order. Contact your local roofing experts to learn more about DECRA® Roofing Systems.

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