Asphalt shingles are one of the most common options for roofing in Grapevine, Texas, and the rest of the country. Since this is such a popular choice amongst homeowners, you may think choosing this option will make your home look like everyone else’s. However, asphalt shingles can make your home look unique because of the wide variety of options available to you.


This roofing product comes in a wide range of colors. The exact options you have will vary based on what’s available when you need it. When you start your Grapevine roof removal and replacement with Compass Roofing, you will have access to the variety from GAF, a leading roofing manufacturer. You will be able to select from the following color options:

  • Beiges and golds
  • Blacks and grays
  • Blues and greens
  • Browns and reds

This color selection will not only help your home stand out, but it also ensures you will be able to find a hue that complements the rest of your exterior products.


GAF also offers a wide selection of different styles for your asphalt shingles in Grapevine. The three-tab option has a smaller profile for a basic roofing look, but the Timberline offers more dimension to better mimic classic roofing materials, such as wood shingles. The style you choose will depend on your budget and the look you are trying to achieve with your home. Talk with a professional today to learn more about the styles that are available to you.

Stand Out

When you get new roofing in Grapevine, Texas, you do not have to get something that makes your home look like everyone else’s. However, you also don’t have to break your budget to get an exotic, unreliable roofing material. Turn to asphalt shingles for a high quality protection and a unique look for your home. Work with a team of trusted roofers to ensure your product is installed in the right way.

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