Compass roofing and construction, a roof repair Fort Worth, is the best roofing company you can find in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They are rated as one of the most trusted company and are consistently given five stars in reviews and ratings. They are all-encompassing and service the residential and commercial industries. If you looking for a roof repair or replacement call compass roofing and construction today!

There are a lot of reasons why you want to be picky about the roofers that you choose. In today’s housing industry there are multiple options and standards of procedure for implementing the structure of the home or business. When choosing a roof or you want to make sure that the roofer you choose has mastered all of the techniques and options because different homes in different businesses need different types of materials and procedures, and you don’t want to hire someone for your residential home who has only ever worked on commercial properties or vice versa.

When you need Roof Repair Fort Worth, compass roofing and construction are the mastermind of that industry. They are well-versed in dealing with insurance claims and making sure that you receive the utmost care and consideration when dealing with those types of situations. They provide their services in a timely and proficient manner and they make sure that before the work is even started you will know exactly what the bottom dollar will be in you will never be shocked by what the prices once they are completed.

They have over 40 years of experience in industry and can walk you through every step of the process. Replacing a roof, repairing the roof, installing gutters, or inspecting a roof on a home/business that you are purchasing can be a very scary and intimidating process. However, compass roofing and construction ensure that they are with you throughout the entire ordeal and that you will always be knowledgeable and well aware of everything that is happening. They make sure to focus on your every need and continue to be there even after the job is done should you need anything at all from them.

It’s never easy to find the money over the time to have your roof inspected or, worst case, replaced but when dealing with roof repair Fort Worth, compass roofing and construction have your back. They make sure that you stay on budget and also get the exact product that you desire. They offer a free inspection so that you are well aware of what you can expect to pay as well as what time frame the project will be completed in. You can give them a call at 817-349-3129, or visit their website at where you can browse through their different services and browse pictures of some of their work. They are happy to answer any of your questions and a compass professional would be happy to schedule a consultation with you to assess your roof!

Roof Repair Fort Worth | Roofs, & Gutters, & Repairs, Oh My!

Compass roofing and construction is a roof repair Fort Worth company who is extremely well-versed in the roofing industry for residential and commercial purposes. They have over 40 years of experience and are consistently given five-star ratings by their current and past customers. They offer services for residential roofing, commercial roofing, infrared thermal scanning, and gutter installation/replacement.

For any of your roofing needs, call compass was again construction. They can replace, repair, install, and remove all or some of your roofing. They are experts in their field and they pride themselves on a budget-friendly and time respective business. They service the Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Granbury, Grapevine, McKinney, and Plano areas of Texas. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM. Along with all of your roofing needs they can assist you with any vinyl siding questions or work that you may have.

If you need a roof repair Fort Worth, then compass roofing and construction is the place for you. They are extremely knowledgeable about all of the different types of roofing from asphalt to standing seam metal, they have got you covered. They offer a free inspection and can assess where your current roofing/exterior housing items are, and then they will give a quote as to what it will cost to receive the services and products that you desire.

If your home has currently or previously been damaged in a storm, compass roofing and construction are able to repair or replace your damaged roof, gutters, and/or siding. These are issues that you cannot afford to live with considering roofing repairs and damages, or even siding damages can cause structural issues that would then cost thousands more to resolve. As we all know structural issues are something no homeowner, or business owner, wants to deal with or pay for. Not only are they costly dangerous as well.

Compass through and construction, as a roof repair Fort Worth company, knows exactly how to help you with any of your exterior housing or business needs. If you are buying a home or even selling, they offer a free inspection and quote to fix or resolve any issues you may be found. They promise budget-friendly options and a timely manner for the project so that your closing date will never be delayed simply because of construction matters. They will be with you through every step of the process and promised to explain and assess every step so that you are thoroughly and beyond thrilled with the job that has been done. If you need a roofing or construction company, then call compass or thinking construction at 817-349-3129, or visit their website at, where you can talk to a professional who will answer all of your questions as well as schedule a time for you to have an inspection and assessment done for free! Don’t wait, call or visit us for all your roofing needs!

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