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Compass Roofing and Construction, is all about at its core, making sure that we provide some of the most effective and satisfactory work possible. This goes into everything that we do for the client. Whether it deals with just the interaction on phone calls and actually following up with the person and concern or if it’s plainly in the process of the inspection in making sure we know everything about the job you request about, we are all about making sure that your experience with us is way better than it would be with anyone else. That’s why we’ve worked diligently to hear back from our customers and make sure that every single time we bring them the most satisfied service possible. And you will find that if you go on to Google and search for our business listing, we are rated as one of Fort Worth Roofing’s most trusted resources as you will see five stars across the board.

Why Choose Us?

But on this page, we simply want to emphasize in a very specific manner some of the important reasons for why you would choose us as opposed to anybody else. Because when you think of Fort Worth Roofing, you probably don’t know why certain contractors in certain companies stand out. And when you hear about some of the big guys, you’re probably concerned that due to their size, they won’t actually give you the devoted attention that you deserve. You may just think that every roofing company is the same and it really doesn’t matter which company you choose from. Well we would love to explain in detail why our company has provided stellar work in so many different aspects and while we explain it in detail, you will find it summarized in this nice comparison chart.

Compass Roofing & ConstructionTypical Roofers & Construction Guys
Masters of the Roofing Process – With our decades of focused diligence, we’ve become full masters of the trade, understanding how each intricate part works together for your good!One-Trick Ponies – They only learn one standard procedure for roofing and that’s it, leaving you to settle with a roof that isn’t totally right for your home.
The Coverage You Didn’t Know Was Possible – We work diligently to make sure your insurance claim provides you the highest quality roof possible. Why drive a Pinto when you can cruise with a Cadillac?You Get What You Get, That’s It – Rather than being agents for your needs, they just install the roof and leave you with lackluster coverage.
Faster Than the Flash – With our deepest desire to get your roof promptly scheduled and completed, you’ll wonder if we’re superheroes. (Disclaimer: Tights not included.)Slower Than a Slug – Some days they will be there working and other days, you’ll call and hear them still crawling out of bed.
On-Budget Guarantee – We’ll never shock you with extra expenses and never come back for more. Just read about what our former, happy customers have said about our 5-star work!You’re Still Here? – You’ll soon realize that these other guys you hired are just masters of deceit, constantly visiting for more money from a poorly completed project.


Masters of the Roofing Process

First and foremost, we have become masters in our trade. With over 40 years of combined experience in the leadership in the company, you will find that no matter who you interact with, it will have a backing of years and years of experience and knowledge in the industry. In fact that’s one of the things that people remark about often is that we can very easily explain how certain products make a certain difference with roofing needs. in comparison to the other guys, many of these roofing companies are just one trick ponies. They know how to put on a certain style of roof and they will simply stick to that style. As far as we are concerned, you could desire to have multiple options for your roof and sometimes a certain style of roof could actually make your home less valuable or make your costs of living more expensive. Because we know for a fact that a roof not only gives you shelter whenever storms come, but it helps to actually decrease the costs in things like utility bills and provide your home with much more value if you were to sell it. That’s why you should be looking to us as your trusted resource because we are all about giving the humble and honest opinion every single time.

The Coverage You Didn’t Know Was Possible

Along with Fort Worth roofing, another industry that is very tied to your project is the insurance companies. Now when dealing with insurance, many individuals have had their horror stories and have just been really dissatisfied with their claims. one of the things that we provide to people is that we are very experienced at talking with insurance companies and making sure that you get the best valuable roof for the claims that these companies will provide you. We have built up relationships with a number of insurance agents and have found time and time again, that we have been able to really increase the quality of roofs that people can install in their homes by simply working with us. When you compare it to the other guys, they are definitely not as concerned with making sure you get the best value for your insurance claim. They just want to put on that roof and then get out of there. Work with a company like us who really looks to your focus need every single time when it comes to Fort Worth Roofing.

Faster Than the Flash

In fact another thing to talk about which may be risky on our part to promote, but we feel very confident in promoting it, is that we are very quick with our response time and getting things scheduled. The people that are in leadership and are managing the leads that come in are very prompt about getting back with you in making sure to hear out what the issue is with your home. in fact many times, you will get a response back from us in the same day and get it scheduled to inspect the home on that very day or the next day. That also goes with the progress of work that we have. We will make sure that when we say were going to work on a roof, we will be there. The other guys can’t give you that guarantee.

On-Budget Guarantee

Have you ever hired a contractor before for a remodel job or some repair at your home? Well many times people run into situations with contractors who charge a certain price at the beginning and then will shockingly come back and slap on thousands of dollars more afterwords because of a sudden cost. That is a huge bummer to the common customer and many times, this really destroys the trust not just with that particular contractor but for everyone to come. With Compass Roofing though, it’s our sincere guarantee that no matter what may happen with the job, we place our on budget guarantee stamp with everything we do. We will even lose money on the job if we have to!


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