Even the highest-quality roof will eventually succumb to the effects of wear and tear. Here are five signs from Compass Roofing and Construction that mean it’s time to invest in a roof replacement.

  1. Roof Age. Most roofing systems last up to 25 years. However, even if your old roof still seems to be in good shape, it’s important to have an expert inspect it regularly. This will determine if it makes sense to repair your existing roof or to invest in a replacement.
  2. Buckling or Curling Shingles. Your roof sheathing moves because of unstable moisture levels. With inferior attic ventilation, however, it can expand irregularly. This results in buckling shingles, which can provide entry for leaks.
  3. Missing Shingles. Heavy winds can blow off the shingles, which can leave the underlayment exposed. If you only have a few missing shingles, you can simply replace them—but if the damage is more widespread you may need to replace the entire roof. As your trusted contractor, you can count on us to deliver a smooth and worry-free roof replacement.
  4. Granule Buildup in the Gutters. Granules serve as protection for your shingles. When there are excessive granules in the gutters, this means that your shingles are losing their efficiency. Irregular or darker shades on some portions of the roof also indicates that the granules have worn away.
  5. Moisture Issues. Water spots, mold growth, and condensation on the ceiling means your roof may have a defective underlayment or poor ventilation. This problem makes your home susceptible to major leaks, which can compromise your home’s structural integrity.

As the premier roofing contractor in the region, we can recommend the perfect roofing solution for your needs. Thanks to our GAF Master Elite™ certification, we can introduce you to GAF’s top-quality products backed by strong warranties. We also offer metal roofing that features exceptional weather performance, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

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